ICE Cubes Mission Control

The ICE Cubes ground operators (located at Space Applications Services) will use these screens  to monitor and control the ICE Cubes payload.
This is also how they monitor the Cubes health status, activate or shutdown specific Cubes for your experiment.
You will have access to a limited set of data only, using your own specific interface to interact with the experiment of your Cube.

Yamcs Studio synoptic display

View of the top of the ICE Cubes Framework. Each block describes the status of a Cube Slot (type of Cube, power, errors, …). They may be up to 12 Cubes installed on top of the framework.

Yamcs Studio synoptic display

View of the bottom of the ICE Cubes Framework. Similar information for each Cube Slots. They may be up to 8 Cubes on the bottom of the framework + 1 in front (Cube 21).

Yamcs Studio synoptic display

This display contains the telemetry received on ground from the ICE Cubes Framework.

Yamcs Packet Viewer

Detail content of the telemetry packets received by the ICE Cubes Framework.

Main Yamcs Studio interface

It contains view such as the synoptic displays list, command tool, data links, event log. The screen also shows an overview of the ICE Cubes network: which Cubes and which UHBs (Cubes’ clients) are online.

Yamcs web user interface

It displays, in a web browser, the telemetry history of selected parameters.