Fast-Track, Low-Cost Service For Small Experiments To The ISS

The ICE Cubes Service is an initiative of Space Applications Services NV/SA aimed at providing rapid, simplified, low-cost access for small experiments to the International Space Station (ISS).


Educational experiments in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas


Univeristy studies (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate) as well as fundamental and applied research


Industrial and commercial activity, in-orbit testing and validation of technologies and processes

Real Time interaction

Real time interaction with your Experiment Cube, directly from your home, office or lab location. Never miss an important moment!

Our Ice Cubes Facility gathers all the output of your cube and sends it to the ISS control center on the ground. There it gets transmitted to the command center of Space Applications Services at beamed right where you want it.

You can use an OpenVPN connection right to your cube to send commands or monitor its workings from the ground.

End-to-end Service

Space Applications Services NV/SA is an experienced company in the field of space research and applications. You will receive guidance and help from Space Applications during your whole mission to the ISS and back.

You will be provided with the know-how and technical advice needed to get your very own Experiment Cube in orbit. With the help of our own developped mission control software (YAMCS), you willl be sure to stay in real-time contact with your cube as much as possible.

We will also guide you through the process of getting you Experiment Cube certified by ESA. We offer in-house testing and hardware review as well, to make sure your Cube will arrive at the ISS unharmed and ready to go!

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