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What is
ICE Cubes?


ICE Cubes Service is a simple and cost-effective way for your experiment or technology to fly onboard the International Space Station

Our team of experienced space payload experts develop and fly payloads for the European Space Agency research experiments. At Space Applications Services we believe more people should have access to flight opportunities and with ICE Cubes we have made this possible

What is innovative about ICE Cubes?
The ICE Cubes Facility is a capable experiment platform that offers flexibility to host many different experiments. During flight, users are able to have near real-time telemetry and telecommanding capabilities with the Experiment Cube from any location with an internet connection
What kind of experiments or research can be done?
Our facility and service is particularly suited for raising the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of Components by in orbit demonstration, micro-gravity scientific research and STEM education. Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) can be applied in applications of opto-electronics, micro-electronics, chemistry, biotechnology / bioengineering, tools manufacturing. Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip can be used in cell, molecular, microbiology, pharmaco-chemical research applications
What is included and exclude in the standard service?
Our standard service is the support to experiment design, test, launch and on-orbit operations as illustrated in the Your Roadmap page We are available to provide you with additional assistance during payload development. Please contact us at icecubes@spaceapplications.com and let us know how we can help!
What are the possible form factors I can use?
You are welcome to choose amongst the standard form factors as illustrated in the Overview page or you can propose a customized form factor. Of course, the feasibility of your custom form factor will depend on any overlap with other experiments
How often does ICE Cubes Service launch payloads?
The service will launch Experiment Cubes approximately every 3 or 4 months
How long is the payload development process and flight manifest?
You may develop your payload at your own pace. Launch manifesting needs about 6 months notice
How long is a typical mission?
The basic mission of an Experiment Cube will last 3 months. Longer missions can be accommodated
How do I start using the ICE Cubes Service?
First, please tell us about your experiment and research goals by writing to icecubes@spaceapplications.com or by using the form (above). Then, we will contact you to see how we can help you fly!


Between leaders from both inside and outside of the space community, Space Applications Services was

The ICE Cubes team participated in the 16th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological

ICE Cubes submitted an abstract to present at the 3rd biennial International Conference on Space

Bring an innovative and compelling idea matching one or more of the UN sustainable development

At Le Bourget on the 20th of June, ESA signed its first ever commercial partnership

The roadmap

How does it work?

Get Started!

Tell us about your experiment and research goals by contacting us via email or filling in the book your flight form. We are open for everything, from a wild idea to a ready-to-fly experiment


We will evaluate the feasibility of your experiment and help you define the system / operational requirements and possible launch windows. You will receive the necessary documents to design your experiment inside an ICE Cube


You can develop your own experiment in one of the standard form factors. For this, you will want to use the set of interface standards and safety requirements defined on this website. Our standard service will provide you with limited assistance during payload development. We can, however, offer you additional assistance in technical development and/or verification of the payload if you would want it

Integrated Tests

Our ground model of the ICE Cubes facility will be available for you to perform integrated tests for verification of all requirements and operational procedures. We will also review your payload for the following: Interfaces Communications Operations Data Management Safety

Agency and Launcher Contact

We will arrange all the reviews of your payload to have it ready to launch. We book your flight and take care of the launch administration. As our customer, you only have to be in contact with us, we will do the rest for you


Once all the steps above have been completed, it is finally time! T-3…2…1…Lift off!


Upon arrival at the International Space Station, your Experiment Cube will be installed into the ICE Cubes Facility ready for operation. When it is time to start your experiment, the ICE Cubes Mission Control Centre will run your experiment according to your predefined operations plan and allow you to directly monitor and control your experiment

Mission Complete!

Congratulations! It is time to analyse your results

Return / Disposal

You have completed your Experiment Cubes mission! Now you may choose to either have the Experiment Cube returned to you or dispose it. In any case, you will receive all resulting flight data



2018 – 26-27 Feb.


Abu Dhabi, UAE


International Conference & Expo on Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering


Questions about ICE Cubes Service?
Do not hesitate to contact:


Dr. Hilde Stenuit

ICE Cubes Business Development

Tel. office : + 32 2 721 54 84

More about Hilde

Following a PhD in plasma-astrophysics, Hilde Stenuit joined Space Applications Services.
After supporting operations for spacecraft and International Space Station research experiments, she did science coordination for ISS as part of the ESA ISS Mission Science Office for more than a decade.
Now, she is using her expertise for business development and in support of the users of the ICE Cubes program.


Mr. Mauro Ricci

ICE Cubes Program Manager

Tel. office : + 32 2 721 54 84

More about Mauro

Mauro Ricci obtained a master degree in Aeronautic Engineering from University of Pisa, Italy.
He has a long term experience in the Aerospace Industry, including Payload development projects (PK-4, ICAPS Experiment,…), system engineering and requirements tailoring.
He is also in charge of the ICE Cubes project management, covering the coordination of sub-contractors and the system team including system engineering and business aspects.

The ICE Cubes Service is a development of