#SpaceWatchGL: The LEO Economy – An Emerging Opportunity

#SpaceWatchGL: The LEO Economy – An Emerging Opportunity

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of a low Earth orbit (LEO) revolution. The commercialisation of LEO is the next big thing and the development of the so-called ‘LEO economy’ is becoming increasingly attractive. How can we use LEO for commercial means? How can we expand our businesses into space? How can earth R&D and business make use of unique space assets such as microgravity? The ISS provides an ideal incubator for new commercial ventures in space and will enable us to learn, to make mistakes and to further develop our knowledge as we look towards a more sustainable future in the final frontier.

ICE Cubes opens up the research capability of the ISS to the communities that will help to develop the LEO economy by making space part of every-day value chains and business. The ICE Cubes service allows private companies, research institutes and universities to use the space environment to conduct their own research and technology demonstrations on the ISS Laboratory.

ICE Cubes provides fast access to space for any researcher, commercial customer, school and university around the world. Both space and now also non-space sectors, both experts as well as new users can innovate by making use of these unique assets of space.

Microgravity has demonstrated to be beneficial for R&D and profitable for business on Earth. Are you ready to catch the opportunity ?

Don’t miss our booth at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington D.C in 21-25 October! We’re looking forward to meet you.

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