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About us

Where ICE Cubes goes we float

Our Company

Space Applications Services

Space Applications activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, launch/re-entry vehicles, control centres, robotics and a wide range of information systems. The company takes responsibility for the complete project life-cycle from establishing customer needs, designing and selecting the most appropriate technology, assembling the best team to implement the project solution and, in some cases, operating the system for the customer.

The company has a strong focus on Research and Development with partners across Europe and a growing network across the other continents. We welcome opportunities for national and international research collaboration. The ICE Cubes Service delivered its first Customer to the International Space Station in 2018.


Our mission

Fast reliable space access for R&D

Our mission is to unlock the advantages of research in microgravity by providing an in-orbit testbed for new concepts, applications, products and solutions. We support a variety of customers in making their journeys to and in space easier and faster thanks to our proven end-to-end service.

Our Vision

Space4Space Space4Earth

Our vision is to make access to space straightforward and enable the democratisation of space. We strive to elevate your research and development and to make space a part of everyday value chains for benefits of us, Earthlings, on Earth and in space.

Our values

Committed to your 'out-of-this-world' idea

We value forward, ‘out-of-the-Cube’ thinking and ensuring reliability built on heritage, to make the future happen. Our playground is at the intersection of space, science, technology, engineering and AI, with a human and playful touch.

Our Company in USA

Aerospace Applications North America (AANA)

AANA’s legacy of successful projects in the Aerospace Industry allows to quickly define and implement customised hardware and software solutions to every User Interface problem.
Their expertise in human-machine interface design challenges related to highly automated and complex systems can be leveraged for development of research or technological solutions in ICE Cubes.
AANA works with the ISS National Lab and NASA to provide the ICE Cubes end-to-end service in the US.

Main Points of Contact

Hilde Stenuit - ICE Cubes Business Development (Space Applications)
Mauro Ricci - ICE Cubes Business Unit Manager (Space Applications)
Matthew Souris - ICE Cubes U.S. Manager (AANA)

Key facts

user operations centres around the globe
continuous operations onboard ISS
Space Applications Services heritage
Unique partnership
command response time to / from space
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