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Fusion of Music, Science and Space

Experience the convergence of music, science and space through two projects streamed from the International Space Station (ISS). Leonardo’s Project ZER0 for Maleth 3 takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey with his piano compositions, while rapper and physician Lazarus captivates with his groundbreaking hip-hop track ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

Explore two innovative musical projects streamed from aboard the International Space Station. These collaborations, supported by the  ICE Cubes Service and Metavisionaries bridge the realms of art, science and imagination, showcasing the boundless possibilities when fusing different disciplines.

Leonardo’s Project ZER0 takes us on an ethereal journey through the melodies of the talented pianist, his piano compositions orbiting ~400 km above Earth.

As featured in PLASTIC magazine: “With “ZER0,” Leonardo Barilaro continues to demonstrate his commitment to pushing artistic and technological boundaries. His fusion of piano and electronic elements creates a distinct and mesmerising sound that transcends traditional genres. Through his music, he invites us to dream, to ponder on the mysteries of the universe, and to imagine a future where music making in space is common.
Barilaro’s visionary approach and passion for exploration make him an artist to watch as he strives to bring his music to new frontiers, both on Earth and beyond.”

Another musical experience from the ISS featured a hip-hop track performed by Lazarus. The rapper and physician Lazarus takes center stage with his song ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

Watch the live stream from space as Lazarus’s mesmerizing lyrics transport us to the cosmic expanse.

Pale Blue Dot” refers to Carl Sagan’s speech at Cornell University, in 1994, and invites us to reflect on the profound interconnection between science and society. The song was being premiered from the ISS and marks the first hip-hop song in history to attain this feat.

Through this collaboration between Metavisionaries, ICE Cubes, SpaceOmix and the artists, and by fusing space science, healthcare and the arts, an unprecedented fusion of various mediums was streamed from space.



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